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web design for chiropracticWe’re sure you’ve seen them. The chiropractor websites that look “OK”. They aren’t really bad, per se, but they don’t really do much to inspire either. The industry is full of them, and they’re killing chiropractor patient recruitment.

The Problem with chiropractic websites

Here’s why you see them all over the internet: they’re convenient. A little too convenient. With a couple of clicks, a brand new website is up and running. All it takes is handy mass-produced content, tired and well-used stock photos and your personal chiropractic logo in place in the header. BAM – you’ve got yourself a genuine, run-of-the-mill chiropractor website.

Not only is it an unexciting and blasé approach to web design for chiropractic, but it also repels new patients. Marketers like us aren’t the only ones taking notice: the audience you’re looking to attract sees it, too. They see it – and then they click away, to find a chiropractor who looks like he or she put time, originality, effort and care into their practice website. They might even think that quality of a website equates to quality of care: if the chiropractic website looks this good, clients are probably treated the same way.

The Web Design for Chiropractic Solution

The most common apprehension for chiropractors regarding custom-built websites is this: “They are too expensive.” It’s a common sentiment, but especially from chiropractors who have their heart and soul in their practice and care deeply about return on investment.  Did you know, though, that there’s a way to get a custom-built website without the massive marketing agency costs? In fact, it’s for this exact reason that Chiromox was developed. We’ve built a system and process to address this exact need. We build custom chiropractor websites using an efficient and effective process. Our websites, built for the chiropractic-specific audience, address the chiropractor’s patient’s needs and questions, turn the heads of competitors and give sorely-needed credibility to your practice’s digital presence.

With Chiromox, your audience will see an industry-leading, creatively-executed chiropractor website representing your brand and your brand alone.

All of the Chiromox monthly service packages include custom web design for chiropractic. We interview your team and we learn what makes you unique in your market. Then, our team of designers (who, by the way, have experience in chiropractor marketing) will design your website.

Here’s the best part. Once your contract is up, usually after 24 months, the website is yours to keep. In case you didn’t know, most other platforms with sub-par design and technology also charge you to take YOUR OWN WEBSITE somewhere else. It’s essentially website-blackmail. You can either start your website over with someone else, or you can pay them indefinitely. It keeps you and your marketing hostage.

At Chiromox, we put you on open-source, management-friendly software that you can host or edit or take anywhere you want after your term is up. We’re here to make sure you succeed – even if that means you take your website someplace else in the end.

Chiromox is committed to your chiropractic practice’s success. Our websites are a key part of that commitment, and we stand behind them: we’ll put them up against any other designers working for chiropractors. If you want leading website design, you’ve found the right team here at Chiromox.

The chiropractic web design features Chiromox offers:

  • Custom web design for chiropractic
    Not just a simple template we spin up for you that looks just like every other chiropractor. This design is for your practice alone!
  • Chiropractic Website Management Team
    We’re you go to team to manage, modify, and handle all requests pertaining to your practice website. You no longer need to worry about chasing down a developer to make your changes for you. We’re here for you
  • Website security and backups
    We’re watching and monitoring your chiropractic website at all times. So if anything comes up you can trust that we’re already on top of it. You’ve got a practice to run, you shouldn’t need to be worrying about your website’s daily performance on top of it.
  • Included, top-geared website hosting
    We include free, high-end chiropractor website hosting with each client we service. Our servers our optimized to run chiropractic websites and the 3rd party tools they require.
  • So much more that makes your life easier as a practice owner or manager
    If you’ve been looking for a solution to a never-ending problem laden and results-lacking chiropractic website, you’ve found your team.

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