Find your sales team

Enable your best clients, your strongest advocates, and turn them into a sales team.

Have you ever thought about hiring a sales team?

Some chiropractic offices do have sales people, or at least individuals dedicated to increasing interest and driving new business. A sales team may be a distant dream or something unattainable to most chiropractors and that may be the case for most, however, there is another way to build a sales team, and it’s easier then you think.

You have a hidden sales team already at your chiropractic practice. They’re already on board, they already know what you do, and they already believe in your practice and your results.

We’re sure, like many other chiropractors, your patients love you for a host of reasons. Maybe it’s your staff or your personality or the coffee and cookies you provide as they wait. But we’re guessing the biggest reason your patients love you is for the results you give them. How well you heal them, the freedom you provide them, and the health that you reunite them with.

What have you noticed when you hear these stories. You notice that your patients, the ones who love you, they love telling others about what you’ve done for them. They’re the best form of marketing you can achieve. They’re the word of mouth marketing that’s invaluable.

The problem is too many chiropractors don’t take advantage of this, they don’t maximize it, and they end up leaving countless opportunities go to waste.

We’ve developed a system for chiropractors to turn these marketers, these word of mouth advocates, into your best chiropractor sales team. Through email, social media, and hand outs, we give you the tools and the process to enable this these advocates and help them help you.

Better yet , this set of tools and process are easy on your time. As a Chiromox client we’ve already got the emails on board, and we’re already helping to manage your social media. All you’ll need to do is manage the in-person communications and we’ll walk you though that too. It’s a no-brainer and it’s making a significant different to chiropractors everywhere.

It’s all part of the Chiromox platform and we’re excited to tell you more about it. Let’s setup a time to talk and we’ll walk you through this process and the other marketing techniques and tactics we’re using every day for other chiropractors to build their practices.