Chiropractor Platform

A marketing solution for chiropractors
marketing platform for chiropractors fails

The other platforms:

The other chiropractor platforms are template-driven machines. You pay for an account which delivers a website similar to everyone else. You’re then allowed access to flips and switches which you’ll then have to figure out how to operate on your own, crossing your fingers that you won’t break your own website.

If you’re lucky and have enough time, you’ll have everything up and operational, but then what? You have a website that looks… OK. It’ll look just like so many other chiropractor websites…OK. Uninspired, mass-produced and lacking any true identity or uniqueness. It’s no wonder that these other platforms don’t deliver and under-impress.

A nice, big invoice marketing agency:

The other option that many practices consider is a local marketing agency. It’s true that these agencies can often deliver customized strategy and high-end creative. They also typically execute your marketing tactics across all your social channels, email and web. While this can be an attractive alternative, you’ll be left paying $2,500, $5,000, even $10,000 per month to match the level of services and scope that a hybrid chiropractor marketing platform like Chiromox offers.

high price marketing agency for chiropractors
internal marketing team for chiropractors

You could always hire your own internal marketing director:

But it’ll cost you. An all-in, entry-level marketing director will run you at least $45,000. This figure is for entry-level, someone who hasn’t been doing marketing for long, if at all – and you can forget chiropractic marketing experience. They’re still getting to know the marketing industry in general.

Chiromox’s specialists have been refining and fine-tuning their marketing skills for years, specifically for chiropractic marketing.

Chiromox is different from everything else out there:

So how do chiropractors reach top-level marketing, marketing that finally grows their chiropractic practice and brings new patients in the door? Chiropractor marketing that makes them look better then all the other template websites? What about marketing that puts them at the top of search engines and manages their social, email and search marketing?

The answer is Chiromox.

We offer a platform equipped with many powerful tools, providing built-in efficiency that we can leverage for impact and affordability. However, we offer the creative, chiropractic expertise, knowledge and industry experience because we have real people sitting at real desks who know your challenges and are ready to help. Our experts take the time to talk to you and strategize custom plans for your specific office, in your specific market, to get in front of the target audience that you’re looking for month after month.

Chiromox is your own personal and experienced marketing team ready to help you at any time. And we’re a lot less expensive than hiring your own internal marketing person or marketing agency. But, the results you’ll get will be even better than hiring your own internal team.