A marketing agency for Chiropractors

We're not just another platform, we're YOUR marketing agency

The chiromox interface is not a dashboard like many other platforms that requires you to write your own content, develop your own strategy, and make sense of the results yourself. It has no fields requiring your direct input of content, imagery or data. You may wonder why we do things this way rather then require you to input your own content. The reason for this is the beauty of Chiromox’s marketing solution for Chiropractors.

It’s simple, when you hire Chiromox, you’re hiring a marketing agency to market your Chiropractic practice for you!

Why hire my own chiropractor marketing agency?

Your time is valuable

As a Chiropractor or assistant to a Chiropractor you’re time is much better spent attending to the day-to-day issues and needs that arise in your office and with your current patients. Trying to keep up with a full-featured marketing strategy can be daunting.

Put your marketing into the hands of Chiropractic marketing experts

Even if you can find the time, you now need to understand the in’s and out’s of current digital marketing technology and services and understand how to make them work for you. On top of this – you’ll need a deep understanding of your multiple audiences and the demographics represented by them. Understand how they get their information, what messaging reaches them, and what drives them to take action. Even a full-time marketer can work for years before they understand these issues. Chiromox brings you a team full of experts who understand and successfully reach your audience through perfected messaging and technology. We bring results!

Be consistent in your efforts, build your brand the right way

One of the most frustrating issues Chiropractors and other business owners run in to when doing their own marketing is consistency. Whether in writing a blog or doing email marketing, or maybe it’s just in keeping their Facebook page updated. Consistency is everything to your audience and an old, outdated social thread or email newsletter can negatively reflect on your Chiropractic office. When you put Chiromox at the helm of your marketing, constancy is guaranteed and your brand will thrive!

The Chiromox platform is beautifully efficient and simplistic. It’s an integrated and forward thinking reporting and communication dashboard that allows our Chiropractor clients to see the day to day results of their marketing team (that’s us at Chiromox). These results filter in from email marketing, content and blog development, social media marketing and seo or search engine optimization and help you see the big picture, they also help us show you how our marketing and strategies are paying off for your Chiropractic office.

Let’s recap. As a Chiromox client you will:

  • Have consistent blogs written specifically for your Chiropractic office under your Chiropractor brand by Chiromox.
  • Have you Chiropractic brand’s social media channels managed and posted to by Chiromox.
  • Have your email newsletters and email marketing created, written, sent and managed by Chiromox.
  • Have your SEO and keywords targeted and grown by Chiromox.
  • Have your own, custom crafted and Best-in-class Chiropractic website built, hosted and managed by Chiromox.
  • Have your own marketing agency who knows you, your brand, your audience, your market and works for you and your Chiropractic clients.
  • And so much more

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